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Coronavirus Statement

Sussex Garage Doors is trading at this difficult time and taking all necessary measures including social distancing for surveys and we work outdoors for installation. The wellbeing of staff and customers is of paramount importance and we will take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of both.

Sussex garage door installation FAQ

A huge part of our service is simply offering great consultation, advice and recommendations to our customers.

You can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the fitting and installation process, garage door automation systems, security options and general maintenance below, and you can contact us at any time to learn more, or ask specifics about your own garage door installation.

We hold a waste carrier licence and recycle all the parts of your old garage door system that it's possible to recycle; our quotations for installation can include the removal and responsible disposal of your old door and garage door automation system.

New garage doors are ordered direct from the manufacturer to your precise specification and it usually takes three to four weeks for them to arrive, after which we can have a fitting booked in and completed within a week. We also keep a large stock of the most popular models, colours and sizes of garage door so if it's an urgent replacement, or you just want something simple, we can often have it fitted within a week.

Many current garage doors are quite easily automated; up and over, roller shutter doors and sectional models can almost all have automation equipment fitted to them. Some doors do have a mechanism that can't easily be automated, but in those cases we look at whether a minor modification to the mechanism can solve the problem, and only suggest refitting the entire garage door if there is no other option. Of course, our experienced fitters can explain just what is possible during a free survey and quotation.

It's possible to get some more space without any rebuilding of the garage opening itself; replacing an old garage door and frame can create around 6 inches of extra clearance if the new door can be installed behind the opening. For example, switching from a model like an Up and Over door to a roller door or Sectional door will add some more room as the frames are fitted inside the garage.

Switching to a modern garage door with multi-point locking is the most secure option, but we can also supply and install add-on security devices such as slide bolts, padlock points or more substantial obstacles such as garage door defenders. These bolt over the front of your door making it very difficult to gain entry and create a lot of peace of mind. Through our free survey and quotation process we can suggest a range of security options perfect for your garage door.

Most new garage doors won't need much maintenance beyond a quick clean and general lubrication for many years; however our experience is that some occasional work to clean out the door mechanism and gear will give your garage door a much longer life; we offer an annual service which includes a check and clean of all the gear.

We often carry out these kind of garage modification projects, working alongside an experienced building company brick piers can be removed and large supporting lintels installed to create a single double width entrance to your garage. Fitting a double door with or without garage door automation is then straightforward for our regular installations team.

For more detail on these and any other questions you may have about installing a new garage door contact us today and arrange a full survey, consultation and quote taking you through all the possibilities.